HuskyPrint for Windows

Three easy steps!

  • Download

  • Install

  • Print

When you click on either the Black & White or Color download, you might be asked where you want to save it.

Pick a place you can find (in this example, we chose the Desktop), and once the download is finished either click on the finished download in Chrome (as seen below) or go to the place you downloaded the file to, and click on it there.

If you see a 'User Account Control' window pop up, click 'Yes'.

Now you'll see a window that lists all of the HuskyPrint locations and asks you to click Accept to move on.

When you see this window, click Install.

The HuskyPrint installer will take a couple moments to finish up, and when it's all set just click Finish.

You now have either HuskyPrint Black & White or HuskyPrint Color installed on your Windows PC!

To use HuskyPrint, just open up any app and select the Print option.

Once you've done that, make sure either HuskyPrint Black & White or HuskyPrint Color is selected as your printer, and click Print.

You'll immediately see the 'Print Job Details' screen pop up.

Type in any name you'd like for your print job, and then click Print.

When you go to any of the HuskyPrint locations, just swipe your UConn OneCard and you'll see whatever name you typed in next to your print job.